News & Facts


Airport encompasses 952 acres:

  • 400 acres - Aviation uses
  • 100 acres - Commercial/Industrial
  • 450 acres - Goleta Slough Ecological Reserve
  • 5 major airlines
  • 5 non-stop destinations  - Over 200 one-stop destinations to anywhere in the world


Enterprise Fund

As an Enterprise Fund the Airport Department generates its revenues from rental of property
and fees from various aviation related activities.

Airline Terminal Public Art Program

Fiesta Mural  
    Artist: Channing Peake       
California Cubist, Modernist & Muralist   1910-1989


Rotunda Floor Mosaic 
      Artist:  Lori Ann David


Wood Beam Stenciling 
          Artist: Vidya Gauci           
Vidya Gauci Decorative Fine Arts

Wrought Iron Railing  
Artist:  Colleen M. Kelly

Santa Barbara Airport One Stop to everwhere in the world