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An airplane takes off from Santa Barbara AirportA Lancair takes off from runway 15R at SBA

Pilot Info For KSBA

Runway 7/25  longest  6052'

Runways 15R/L and 33R/L

Tower open 6AM-11PM local time 

ATIS 132.65   805.967.0283  

Ground 121.7  Tower 119.7  

ILS available for Runway 7

VOR available for Runway 25

New Self-Service Fuel

A New Aircraft Self-Service Fuel Station became operational April 15, 2010.  MAG Aviation installed a self-serve fuel station on the aircraft ramp near the northwest end of Cecil Cook Place (old USFS ramp).  The project was constructed in response to private aircraft owner requests for another fuel service option at SBA.  The Avgas fuel station primarily serves aircraft weighing 12,500 pounds or less. Fuel costs may be below those offered at the two fixed based operators on the airfield. 
Check out the current price of fuel.

photograph of the new Santa Barbara Airport Aircraft Self-Fueling areaSBA's new self-service fuel station!


More Pilot Information

Links to other aviation websites  that will help you in flying in and out of (KSBA). 

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        Flight Delay Information        Aviation Weather

Minimum Standard Requirements

The Airport Department is responsible for the management and administration of the Airport which includes operation, maintenance, and capital improvement of aviation buildings and facilities.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) places the responsibility with the Airport operator to ensure that adequate aeronautical services and facilities are available on a fair and reasonable basis to all aviation users.

To encourage the safe and orderly development of the Airport and its operation, the FAA recommends that Minimum Standards for Commercial Aeronautical Activity be developed. Airport minimum standards establish the minimum requirements to be met by an entity as a condition for the privilege
to conduct an aeronautical activity or provide a commercial aeronautical service at the Airport.

Santa Barbara Municipal Airport Minimum Standard Requirements

For further information or explanation please contact Assistant Airport Director Hazel Johns, 805.967.7111 or