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Noise Abatement Procedures for Santa Barbara Airport

Noise Abatement Procedures for Non High Performance General Aviation Aircraft

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Noise Abatement Goals

The Goals for the Santa Barbara Airport Noise Abatement Program are as follows:

 * Achieve airport operations that are compatible with the surrounding communities.
 * Provide the region with facilities for access to the National Air Transportation System using the newest, quietest aircraft available.
 * Maintain a continuing dialogue between the Airport, Airport users, and the surrounding community through the Noise Abatement Committee.

The Noise Abatement Committee is comprised of technical advisors and a citizens advisory group with representatives from Hope Ranch, More Mesa, North Goleta, Rancho Goleta Mobile Home Park, University Village, Walnut Park, and Braemar Ranch.

Airport Operations and Noise

Noise Compatibiity Program (14 CFR Part 150)

Aviation Noise          Noise Exposure Map


Airport Operations Manager Tracy Lincoln can answer your questions regarding the Noise Abatement Program and the Part 150 Study: 805.692.6025

Noise Abatement Hotline Number for registering a complaint: 805.967.1900 (24 hours)


Noise Abatement history at SBA

The SBA Noise Abatement Committee was established in 1978 under the direction of then Airport Director, Patrick R. Murphy. The committee's first meeting was held in January 1979 and included representatives from the Airport Department, FAA, Goleta Chamber, County of Santa Barbara, UCSB, the airlines, Air Transport Association, Santa Barbara Pilots' Association and the fixed base operators.

Noise Program Highlights

1988 - United Airlines introduces Stage III "quiet aircraft" to Santa Barbara.
1989 - FAA approves Santa Barbara Airport Noise Exposure Maps & the Noise Compatibility Program.
1992 - Remote noise monitoring system is installed.
1998 - New state-of-the-art computerized noise monitoring system, the first of its kind in the US is installed.
2001 - Airport begins update to its FAR Part 150 Noise Compatibility Program.
What are the rules regarding how low an aircraft can fly over a residential area?
Aircraft altitude is established by Federal law. Title 14, Coder of Federal Regulations Section 91.119 which governs flight states: "Except when necessary for takeoff of landing, no person may operate an aircraft below the following altitude: Over any congested area of a city, town or settlement, or over any open air assembly of persons, an altitude of 1,000 feet above the highest obstacle within a horizontal radius of 2,000 feet of the aircraft."
It is important to be aware of two aspects of this regulation. First, most aircraft operating in the vicinity of the Santa Barbara Airport are in the process of landing or taking off, thus this regulation does not apply. Second, helicopters are specifically exempted from this Federal regulation.

My concern really isn't noise, it's safety. Who should I contact?

Specific safety complaints should be filed with the Federal Aviation Administration Flight Standards District Office at 818.904.6291. Noise complaints can be filed on our website or by calling SBA's Noise Complaint Hotline at 805.967.1900.

A copy of the AIRPORT NOISE AND LAND USE COMPATIBILITY PLAN UPDATE can be viewed at the following locations:

Santa Barbara Airport Administration Office 601 Firestone Rd, Santa Barbara CA. 93117;
Santa Barbara Main Library, 40 East Anapamu Street, Santa Barbara, CA. 93101;
Goleta Branch Library 500 N. Fairview Avenue, Goleta CA. 93117.

Minimum Standard Requirements

The Airport Department is responsible for the management and administration of the Airport which includes operation, maintenance, and capital improvement of aviation buildings and facilities.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) places the responsibility with the Airport operator to ensure that adequate aeronautical services and facilities are available on a fair and reasonable basis to all aviation users.

To encourage the safe and orderly development of the Airport and its operation, the FAA recommends that Minimum Standards for Commercial Aeronautical Activity be developed. Airport minimum standards establish the minimum requirements to be met by an entity as a condition for the privilege
to conduct an aeronautical activity or provide a commercial aeronautical service at the Airport.

Santa Barbara Municipal Airport Minimum Standard Requirements

For further information or explanation please contact Assistant Airport Director Hazel Johns, 805.967.7111 or