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T-Hangar AvailableAn Airport T-Hangar


The Airport owns and operates 24 T-Hangars for general aviation aircraft users at SBA. Additional hangar space may be available through the FBOs. (This information last updated April 16, 2013).

T-Hangar Program Documents



Airport T-Hangars

•    24 all steel T-Hangars
•    41' x 12' doorways
•    Electricity
•    Common use restroom facilities
•    Rolling metal doors
•    Vented roofs
•    Waiting list established by lottery
•    City of Santa Barbara owned & operated
•    Current rental rate $698/month & utilities

40 Gerald Cass Place (one block east of the control tower)


For information regarding the Airport T-Hangar progam please contact Rebecca Fribley at 805.692.6022, or by e-mail at